Speak Boldly Series

Part 1: Call ’em Out (Correct)
Use your voice with authority in order to Call out those that need correction. Do so in love, but it is not love until you do so. Follow the example of Jesus. In this post we walk through that first way Jesus shows us how to Speak Boldly

Part 2: Push ’em Forward (Challenge)
Surprise, surprise…this post challenges you to speak boldly in order to push others toward the next level of growth. Not only is it what Jesus did, but it is what any good teacher in today’s society does. Let’s all accept the challenge to lovingly challenge others.

Part 3: Lift ’em Up (Praise)
Be encouraged by this post that points to how Jesus praised, encouraged, and motivated his people with uplifting words. Let’s discuss speaking boldly to bless and encourage those in our sphere of influence.


So what do YOU think?

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