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Thanks for checking out the Pastor Fury Podcast! It is a podcast from a new pastor who loves Jesus, people, parenting, leadership, blogging, technology, social media, creativity, living in the freedom of his secure identity in Christ. It will feature discussions on diverse topics from a “not of this world” perspective. A labor of love, this podcast takes what has been on my heart during the week in regards to global and local events, leadership topics, Biblical debates, cultural issues, family struggles, personal concerns and more. As a new pastor in a thriving church,, there is always plenty that needs to be addressed from task management, raising children, work place evangelism, to having fun on vacation. Though the list of subjects is expansive, one thing you can always expect: You will get to know the life of a church leader and how Jesus might have his followers respond to the everyday issues. It will be a great mix of faith filled fun and scriptural grit! Come along the journey with me, Pastor Fury on the Pastor Fury Podcast!

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