I am the Community Life Pastor of Torch Church (Round Lake Beach, Il). I  am a loving father and devoted husband who thrives on creativity and helping others.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, I have ten years of classroom experience at many levels and will always see myself as a “teacher.”

I am a fun-loving jack-of-all-trades and master of none – but I do excel in the art of living and exhibiting the joy of the Lord.  I am passionate about parenting, leadership, blogging, creativity, problem-solving and uniting the body of Christ locally and globally, among other things.

There are two things you can always count on with this blog:

1. Posts on a variety of topics with Jesus as a center.

2. You will see into my world and recognize the constant change that the Lord is walking me through season after season.

Side note: If you were curious, Pastor Fury  was how I was dubbed from the stage when I became a pastor

Enjoy and contact me to chat. I LOVE people! 🙂

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