2nd Thursday WOD#9


Here is the day 9 workout.

Worlds Greatest Stretch



“10 Minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) Workout”

Complete the following every minute on the minute.

45 second jog

15 second sprint


My journey:

Today was ROUGH!! I only completed 8 of 10. Also it took me 22 minutes as I needed to walk it out a minute or two in-between reps. I don’t imagine one day being able to do the whole 10 rounds straight through. Well…I guess it is possible that this will happen ONE day.

Maybe… just maybe…I found a new goal. Ugg. I don’t know. I kinda hate running..


Your Journey:

Remember…a Sprint is as fast as you can go…and jog is running slow.

Now show the world what your made of and HIIT it hard. 🙂 Most all of you can probably go harder than I did today. #NoEndurance

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Full FitByFirst Workout Journal Here



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