2nd Monday WOD

Here is the day 6 workout.


Worlds Greatest Stretch 
This is THE BEST STRETCH EVER.  It hits all the parts of your body that are sore.


10 Rounds

Hold Squat for 30 seconds. (Demo)

Rest 30 seconds.

Plank 30 seconds. (Demo)

Rest 30 seconds.


My journey:

Well, since I woke up feeling kinda better, but not fully recovered I did I soft serve workout of planks and push-ups after a 10 minute fast walk warm-up.

I honestly didn’t even look at this workout until I had already done what I felt my body could handle.

Your Journey:

This just goes to show you that these workouts are a framework for fitness. Do what you feel your body can handle, but always push yourself. that is key. Not too soft but not too hard. Tomorrow I hope to hit it full force!!! Pray for my ya’ll.

I’d love to hear about your fitness journey so far. Reply in the comments.

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Full FitByFirst Workout Journal Here



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