Time for What Matters


“There are fewer ways to get more time then there are ways to start doing what you really care about.” Peter Senge

Such a simple statement…

I urge you today to TRULY ponder the depths of this thought.

As we feel so rushed and frantic trying to maximize time here and take shortcuts there, thinking smarter and making efficiency the goal… The real questions just sits there, often unnoticed like a birthday the day before Christmas.

Are we really doing what we care about? Are you pouring the best of you and your time and efforts into what is most important to you?


I know when asked, most all of us would say family and friends are what matter most. Looking at our calendar is that true? How much of us really is given to that which matters most?

I spend exhausted moments reflecting on the time I wish I had to do more things that need doing. Instead I need to spend the time I have making sure that above all, I’m doing that which matters most.

It is much easier to do what matters most than to create more time.



So what do YOU think?

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