5 Reasons Why Jesus Had to Die For You

So about a week ago from the time I am writing this, I was rushing home from work with a task that felt pretty daunting. My Lead Pastor Mark Carter had text me that afternoon, informing me of his sickness and that I had a choice to make. For our Good Friday service, I could give a quick devo, we could skip the message, or I could take his points/scripture,  prepare a message and preach.

In that moment, I felt my heart sink, but almost immediately, I welled up with excitement and knew I wanted the ball. I felt that it was 4th Quarter and Team Jesus was 4th and Goal. I knew I wanted the rock, and that Jesus would push me across the goal.

So without further adieu, here is the message that was birthed from God’s word, Carter’s points and my heart. I know that it was far from perfect, but God was glorified and 12 were saved. #PTL

Video Not working? Click here.

P.S. One day my nerves will not show in my hydration issues. ­čÖé


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