iWait vs. iRush

I love those moments when the Lord pierces through my moments and shines light on a hidden thought or circumstance. Lately the distinction between what I should pour my heart into now and that which is set asidefamliy for later is one that the God is constantly working with me on. This is the latest installment of that lesson.

Leila, my seven year old, and I were playing the Logo Quiz on the iPad last Sunday night and we struggled finding logos. We began our search online for companies that had matching logos, once our minds were tapped for ideas. We spent days on each level trying to find each logo’s matching company before moving on. Eventually when we have found enough matches, the game opens up a new level. Leila always gets excited with a new level and is so very anxious to dive right in. However, I want to still plug away, as usual on the old level. Leaving too soon almost felt like failure and admitting defeat in some way. I mean there are still more answers to be found on this level.

In that second I had an Edge of Clarity moment.

God has been trying to tell me the same thing. He is showing me the next level, and my excitement is overwhelming. I want with so much of me to dive right in to that new experience, but He is lovingly telling me to wait. There are answers to be found on the current level still. There are victories still to be had here.

Despite our desires for what’s next, God often would have us to soak up the potential from the NOW. Don’t rush it. Be patient. He will work it out in His time. He will take you to that next level when you are ready.

So for now I choose to wait.

What are you being asked to wait for? How has the Lord put it on your heart to be more patient?


3 responses to “iWait vs. iRush

  1. Funny how things flow with God. One day you’re so excited for the things to come, the next you dwell on the things you would have to leave behind. I guess its the answer to all the prayers for a life adventure. We’re certainly moving in different directions lately. The hubby is now in a new search for a job, while I can see God pull away my heart on things I felt sure of. On any given day, I know His word to be true and his fire ever blazing for the good things to come and for his ever living Love for us.

    • God never changes, but oh how His ways are unpredictable. It is so hard sometimes to pour everything and all into a direction you feel the Lord leading, only to look up one day and see the cloud has moved. I have discovered that in my life it is His way of keeping me watching Him closely. I know that the Lord is behind the scenes now preparing the way for your ultimate success and the glory of Jesus.

      I feel in my Spirit the Lord telling us, telling YOU to, “Stay Tuned” This next chapter will probably be the plot twist that MAKES the story. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your journey with me.

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