Helping a good friend move today, the Lord gave me a small nugget of clarity.

My friend, his father and I worked in tandem moving my friend’s belongings into the Big ole Truck. As any intelligent moved does, moved all of the biggest items first. We moved the couch, the dressers, you know the big pieces.

As we brought these big pieces to the truck, his father meticulously organized, inserted drawers, strapped things down. As my friend took a moment to break, I decided to go pick up something that was just the size for one to move.

As I carried down this night stand, I wondered if I was ok to bring in a smaller item. Would it be alright to change the plan for one moment?

I came to the truck and handed it off to his father with no issue. Walking back inside, my friend asked, ” Did you surprise my Dad with that?”
I said nope, “He just smiled and opened his arms.”

Then it hit me…

Isn’t that just like our loving heavenly father?

No matter how we go against his will.. He is always waiting with open arms.

Nothing surprises Him.

He is simply SMILING because he sees you bringing him your burdens, your issues, your mistakes.

And oh if he is not ever so faithful to take them from you and straighten them out, organize your chaos…

He is ready to move you out of your old place and into the new.

You packed up and ready to go?
He is simply waiting for you…

“Leave your worries with Him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


So what do YOU think?

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